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Say goodbye to barriers and hello to direct access to your dream smile. No referrals are needed – just book your hygiene appointment now. Our expert clinicians deliver top-tier preventative dental care, offering scaling, polishing, oral health wisdom, and periodontal advice. It’s for everyone, whether you’re a registered patient or new to our practice. Don’t wait – reveal your best smile at Bridge St Aesthetic and Dental Implant Clinic today!

Classic Clean

30 mins
Ideal choice for individuals seeking a popular 'Scale & Polish' treatment to maintain their oral hygiene.

Diamond Clean

30 mins
Perfect for those looking for a comprehensive cleaning to eliminate stains, plaque, and calculus.Particularly suitable if you haven't had a cleaning session for a while and experience gum bleeding.

Pearl Clean

45 mins
A meticulous cleaning option designed for individuals prone to dental issues and those with persistent stains from foods, beverages, or tobacco.

Total Clean

60 mins
Tailored for individuals with complex dental needs, those who haven't had a dental cleaning in an extended period, or those preparing for extensive dental procedures.

Classic Clean

30 mins
under the NHS But can be done £70 privately

Airflow(deep clean)

30 mins
it varies, put £120 if only one number
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The listed prices and exclusive offers can be accessed directly through our dental care professionals, which may include dental therapists and dental hygienists. Please note that deposits will be necessary for securing your appointments.