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Dentures: An Affordable Solution for Missing Teeth

Full and Partial Dentures
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What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that are designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue.

They come in two types: full dentures and partial dentures.

Full dentures are used when all teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

How do Dentures Work?

Dentures work by fitting over the gums and remaining in place with suction or adhesive. They are custom-made to fit your mouth and can be easily removed for cleaning

Dentures vs Dental Implants





Say Goodbye to Wobbly Dentures: Discover Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures may be the right choice for you if you’re struggling with traditional dentures, particularly on the bottom, and want a more secure and confident solution. These dentures are anchored to the jawbone using dental implants, offering better stability and function than traditional dentures. Additionally, implant retained dentures are more affordable than getting a full mouth of implants, making them a popular choice for those seeking a more cost-effective solution for missing teeth. To learn more about implant retained dentures and their benefits, click here.
Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are custom-made to fit your mouth and restore your smile and chewing functionality.
The lifespan of dentures can vary depending on factors such as oral hygiene, wear and tear, and changes in the mouth over time. On average, dentures can last between 5 to 10 years with proper care.
Initially, wearing dentures may feel slightly uncomfortable or awkward as your mouth adjusts to them. However, with time and adjustments made by your dentist, dentures can provide a comfortable and natural fit.
Yes, dentures enable you to eat a wide variety of foods. However, it may take some practice and adjustment initially. Start with softer foods and gradually reintroduce harder or chewier foods to get accustomed to chewing with dentures.
Proper denture care involves daily cleaning with a denture brush and soaking them in a denture cleanser. It’s important to remove and rinse dentures after eating and handle them carefully to prevent damage.
It is generally recommended to remove your dentures before sleeping to allow your gums and tissues to rest. This also provides an opportunity to clean and soak your dentures overnight.

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